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Custom Comic Made Just for You or Your Company!

An original one-of-a-kind cartoon made to order.

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Someone retiring at the office? Want to roast the boss? Have a project or office policy that you'd like to make fun of? Have a newsletter that needs some personality?

Comic Ideas

  • Going away/Retirement/Birthday gift for a coworker
  • Bosses Day present or Admin Assistant's Day gift
  • Comic for a newsletter or company website
  • Promotional cartoon for corporate campaign or announcement
  • A humorous addition to a Power Point slide
  • A posting on the office bulletin board or breakroom

How it Works

You e-mail me and tell me what the comic is for (who, what or why). I'll e-mail you back and ask you a few questions in order to best meet your needs. I'll then create your comic and notify you when it's ready to go. After payment is received, I'll send you the link to download the electronic version of the comic (jpeg or gif). If you would like it printed out in glossy color and/or framed, it will be mailed to you for a small fee. Framing options are available as well. See the sample comics


  • Comics are available in any number of cells.
  • Comics start at $30 per cell and include up to 3 custom characters per cell.
  • Extra custom characters are available at $10 a piece, per cell.
  • Optional framing and matting prices will depend on type of frame chosen.
  • Custom comics are available for download on the site.
  • Shipping and handling will apply on framed orders.
  • Have a large or reocurring order? Contact me for discount pricing

Sample Comics

Sample Custom Group Shot (Great Going Away Present!)
Sample Custom Boss in his office
All published comics - Get ideas!

What Customers Have Said:

"The customized details were great!! It was nice to be able to give a gift that was customized and unique to our situation. Our boss loved it and appreciated the thought and effort that went into it. He can't stop talking about it! I appreciate that you made the whole process easy and were able to create the comic so quickly! Thanks for your creativity and for realizing how special this was for our team." - Veronica A., Convergys

"We really love it. Thanks so much for your creativity and cooperation on this!" - Carol R., UCSD Office of Sexual Harassment Prevention & Policy


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